The future of work is


Gamified work environment that promotes team engagement by visualizing achievements and documenting tasks.

A minimalist task focused work framework for teams

At stow we researched different ways to manage tasks, goals and teams, we worked with several people in work environments to test and refactor this methodologies in order to find the best work style for modern companies without the clutter of actual management tools. From designers to developers, stow is built to be used by any kind of team.

Everything starts with ideas

Prevent confusion related to the team goals and objectives to achieve. Communicate your team goals in a visual way.

Let the action begin

Get your team to work in an agile way, document the work done and register your and your team’s sensations during work, prevent burnouts and track your people’s well being.

Compile your work

Document what delivers value to your company, get feedback about your team’s results and be a pioneer in knowledge versioning.

Simplify team collaboration across your business

Invite your collaborators to workspace in stow to ideate, run and compile their work.

Free Forever

Personal and team

Coming Soon

  • Visualize your work.
  • Invite and host team in stow workspace.
  • Idea, run and comit your work.


Business, managers and proffesional

US$ 10

per workspace/month

  • Visualize the work of your teams.
  • Invite, organize and manage your teams in stow workspace.
  • Simplifies the ideation, run and compilation of work.
  • Congratulate your collaborators in a timely manner.
  • Manage the knowledge and value created by the work of your teams.

Let's Make Work Fun!